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KEENAN FAMILY in Australia

Desmond Sid Keenan (1943 - 2016     )

Last updated 4/12/2016


Australian Generation:  Third

Parents: Neil Sidney Keenan and Edith Denson
Born: 8 July 1943 - Batlow, New South Wales
Occupation:  Farmer and timber feller
Residence:  "Honeysuckle", Old Tumbarumba Road, Batlow, NSW
Deceased:  22 April 2016 - Wagga Wagga


Rachelle Nofz (nee Keenan) (b. ....... ) *

Mathew Keenan (b. ....... ) *

Darren Keenan (b. ...... )

Andrew Keenan (b......)

Jemma Lee Horton (b. .....)

Information from Rachelle Keenan Nofz, October 2016

"(Dad) was a 1. Farmer 2. A timber feller for 30 years in the pine forests from Batlow to Canberra and Victoria. Occassionally he felled hard wood timber too. He was co-owner with his older brother, Clifford Keenan, of the property "Honeysuckle" on Old Tumbarumba Rd, Batlow. Dad and Cliff bought Honeysuckle from Quarmby's (who had lived there with about 11 children) in the late 1960s. The farm was directly opposite "Hazeldene" which passed from Neil and Edith Keenan to Reginald (Reg) Keenan. Reg still lives on "Hazeldene". "Honeysuckle" was sold to Cliff Keenan around a year ago. Neither Dad or Cliff ever lived on "Honeysuckle". They mainly had cattle on it.

I have a lot of stories about the Keenans of Batlow, including "Pa" Neil (horses, river, school). He also told me a few about his Dad from time to time and Aunty Ivy. Dad "Des" was a bit of a legend amonst his brothers for his fitness. Reg told me stories, especially about Dad and Blowering Dam! He also was a very fit man, until his farm accident in 2007."

Photos from Rachell Keenan Nofz, December 2016
Rachelle says: "Des Keenan at "Peak View", Young, NSW, June 1989":-

Rachelle says: "Des Keenan & his daughter, Rachelle, at Blakeney Lodge, Tumut, July 2015. Rachelle is showing Des how to do a selfie":-