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KEENAN FAMILY in Australia

Dorothy Mary Lovering (nee Keenan) (1910 - 2008)

Last updated 20 August 2010

Dorothy passed away on 8 October 2008. She was the last member of the second generation of "Batlow Keenans".


Photograph by Peter Keenan in 2003.


Australian Generation:  Second
Born: 1st July 1910, Tumut, New South Wales                                   Link to other photographs
Parents:  John Keenan and Emma Morton
Married: 2nd March 1929 - Horace Joseph Lovering  (Deceased May 1992)
Residence: Macksville, NSW
Deceased:  8 October 2008, in the Macksville Hospital, in her home town of Macksville, on the North Coast of NSW
Buried: 17 October 2008, Woronora Cemetery, 121 Linden Street, Sutherland, NSW.  

From the  leaflet used at her funeral service:

"Miss me a little, but not too long and not with your head bowed low.

Remember the love that we shared, miss me but let me go."

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