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KEENAN FAMILY  in Australia

Gladesville Mental Hospital, New South Wales

Created 20/11/2012. Last updated: 23/10/2016

Henry John Keenan (1842 - 1889) was admitted to the Gladesville Mental Hospital on 22 September 1885.  He died there on 22 June 1889.
  This page contains some information about the hospital.  It will be expanded as relevant information comes to hand.

Burial Register

This copy extract was emailed to me by Bevan Stone on 16/11/2012.  It shows that Henry John Keenan, died on 22 June 1889 at the age of 47 and was buried in the Protestant section of the graveyard at the Gladesville (NSW) hospital, grave number 1089.  This grave and nearly all the others at the hospital can no longer be located.

The reference number (5832) is the number assigned to Henry John Keenan in the hospital's Register of Patients and Admission Book; the Date of Admission to the hospital is 22/9/1885.  For more on Henry's time in this facility see the the extract from hospital records that I prepared several years ago.

Links to material on the Gladesville Hospital
"Gladesville's forgotten - in life and death".  Sydney Morning Herald, 11/3/2010
"Hospital's lost souls"   Northern Times, 28/3/2010. (No longer available online -PJK 23-11-2016)


Cricket Match at Gladesville Mental Hospital in 1870s
(source: www.about.nsw.gov.au )

View of Gladestone Hospital circa 1883

Map Showing Gladesville (Suburb of Sydney)