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KEENAN FAMILY in Australia


Published Between 1847 and 1864 

Page last updated 19/4/2014


Henry John Keenan (1840-1889) lived in Glenone, County Derry, until he married Nancy Jane Gamble (1844-1926) and they emigrated to Australia in 1863. We know where Henry John Keenan lived from family documents, books, photos, letters and oral accounts. He lived here with his father (Henry Keenan) and the rest of the family (which included his brother Stewart, who emigrated to Western Australia in 1859).

I have established that the farm site is located at 59 Clady Road, Glenone.

The Griffth's Valuations published between 1847 and 1864, and the associated maps published with them, throw more light on this matter  The Griffith's Valuation has been described as "One of the most important surviving 19th century genealogical sources". (Source: http://www.askaboutireland.ie/griffith-valuation/index.xml)


Explanation from Ask About Ireland website:

Explanation of Griffiths

Search of Keenans in Glenone: 


My search of the index on 19 April 2014 for Henry Keenan in Glenone returned the following record.  It shows Jane, Henry and James at map reference 6, with three houses, and James Keenan at map reference 7, all on property owned by Andrew Orr.


Map linked to Valuation:

Here map reference 6 is shown, as is the location of two houses on area 6 ((a) and (c)). House (b) doesn't appear to be shown.  The main road leading into Portglenone (middle of map) is now called Clady Road.  The location now known as 59 Clady Road is house (a).

The small river winding along the top of the map is the Clady River. A James Keenan occupied land at map refernce 7, on the Clady River.  This is probably the person who is referred to in old Keenan correspondence (published elsewhere on this site) as "River" James.