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KEENAN FAMILY in Australia

James George Robert Keenan (1954 -   )

Last updated 10/4/2016


Australian Generation:   Fourth

Born:  27th May 1954                    Parents: Donald George Keenan & Aileen Joan Connors
Married: (Date?) - Joanie Brodie


Most information and the photograph supplied by Jamee Taylor and Suzannah Keenan, 4/2/09.

Samantha Keenan

Jamee Taylor (nee Keenan)

Suzannah Keenan



Children of Samantha:     Georgia Mai Boyanton (b.2003)
                                              Benjamin Keenan Boyanton (b.2006)
Children of Jamee Taylor:  Jacob Michael Taylor (b.2006)
                                                 Sophie Rose Taylor (b.2008)
Photograph: Note: Photo from Australia Day 2009 taken down on 10/4/2016 at the request of Jamee Keenan. Depicted in the photo were back row (L to R): Joni Keenan, Joshua Boyanton and Georgia Boyanton. Front row (L to R): James Keenan, Samantha Keenan and Benjamin Boyanton, Jamee Taylor (holding Sophie Taylor), Jacob Taylor and Suzie Keenan.