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KEENAN FAMILY  in Australia

Mary Keenan (1876 - ?)

Last updated 21/7/2021

Australian Generation:  First
Parents:  Henry John and Anne (Nancy) Jane Keenan (nee Gamble) of Glenone, County Derry, Northern Ireland
Born:  --------------------------- 1876 at Batlow, New South Wales.  Registration number 21127/1876. Mothers given names: "Jane G"
Married:  John (Jock) Houston in about 1892, presumably in Jock's hometown in Victoria.
Occupation:   Home duties. and ?
Residence:   Batlow, + ? ? Geelong and Melbourne
Deceased:  Unknown
Buried:  Unknown


Robert Houston (b. ----)

Margaret Laidler (nee Houston) (b. ----)

Jean Crocker (nee Houston) (b. ----)

Jessie Page (nee Houston) (b. ----)

Joseph Houston (b ----)

Don Houston (b. ----)


"Mary, the eldest daughter of Henry and Ann (Note by Peter Keenan: Mary (b.1876) was not the eldest; the eldest was Grace (b.1871)), became Mrs. John Houston and settled in Victoria, her husband being mostly engaged in work connected with gold mining.  Six children were born to them, four of whom are still living."   Extract from1949 newspaper article by George Keenan.

According to Barry Crocker (who is Mary Keenan's grandson), Mary married Jock Houston when she was 16 years  (with the permission of her mother). Barry has written that Mary "spent the rest of her married life in abject mysery - Jock was a dreamer and a drinker". See Barry's page on this website for more.


  Photograph:  Mary, with her husband John Houston and children Joe, Jessie, Don, Jean and Bob.

The photograph below is a cropped version of one supplied to Brian Keenan by Anita Arnold, who wrote: "Jessie is standing at rear. Joe is next to John Houston. Don is beside Mary Houston (nee Keenan). Jean is the little fair one.  (She is Barry Crocker's mother.)  Robert/ Bob is in front of Jean. Maggie was away when this photo was taken."