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Last updated 121/10/2013



  "Outdated Aunty needs new act", by Nick Cater, The Australian, 8 October 2013.
  "Popular sense trumps policy and media elite", by Greg Sheridan, The Australian, 5 October 2013.
  "Maginot Line protects Tony Abbott from leftist snipings of 'love media'", by Chris Kenny, The Australian, 5 October 2013.
  American Declaration of Independence, July 1776
  The Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln, November 1863
  I Have a Dream by Martin Luther King, August 1963
  Writings by Andrew Bolt, writer, critic and social analyst.  Articles written for the Melbourne Herald Sun.   

"All hail our Superwoman" (PDF)  30 April 2008;   "Left wondering at who shouts the loudest"  (PDF) 2 May 2008;    "The great dividing rage" (PDF) 2 May 2008:   "Nanny's really a ninny" (PDF)  7 May 2008;   "Monsters live anywhere, even next door" (PDF) 7 May 2008;   "Burma killed by tyranny" (PDF) 9 May 2008;   "Pay equality starts when hours match the effort" (PDF) 9 May 2008:     "A good boy turned bad" (PDF) 16 May 2008;   "Baillieu blogged down by witchhunt"  (PDF)  16 May 2008;  "Dark ravings of a race cadet" (pdf) 20 August 2008;  "Julia Gillard takes the big stick to education's nanny state"  (pdf) 20 August 2008;