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KEENAN FAMILY in Australia


Last updated 16/08/2016
















NOTES: (From information supplied by Sheila Johnson.)


1.    Samuel Keenan went to Scotland. Was married to Jessie.  Had daughters Jessie and Mary. Samuel was killed during the First World War in France, but is buried in Belgium.


2.    Elizabeth Keenan went to America, possibly Oregon.  Had a daughter (deceased age 15 years) and a son.  Married a man named Brunner, who may have gone back to Germany during First World War.  [Note by Peter Keenan: According to Annie Keenan (see Note 5) Elizabeth died in America.]


3.    Henry Keenan went to Scotland.  [Note by Peter Keenan: According to Annie Keenan (see Note 5) Henry died in Scotland.]


4.    William Keenan.  Married Margaret Agnes Whyte, lived in Innishrush, Portglenone.  Mother and father of May Keenan of Innishrush.  [Note by Peter Keenan: William and Agnes married on 19 Jan 1909 at Tamlaght O'Crilly Lower Church of Ireland.]


5.    Annie Jane Keenan married a man named McKay.  Had one daughter and one son, Robert Samuel McKay, whose wife's name was Vera. Believed to have had 6 children.  [Note by Peter Keenan: Annie wrote to the Keenans of Western Australia several times: transcripts of some of her letters are in the Old Keenan Letters section of this website. In her letter of August 1955 Annie said she was 67, meaning she was born in about 1888.]


6.    Stewart Keenan went to Australia. (Married Nellie Preston). Note by Peter Keenan 16-8-2016: For more information see  the page on this site dedicated to Stewart.


7.    David Keenan went to America.  [Note by Peter Keenan: According to Annie Keenan (see Note 5) David died in Scotland.] [Note by Peter Keenan: From Providence, Rhode Island, USA, between 1898 and 1900 David wrote letters to the Keenan's of Western Australia.  They are published on this website. Click HERE to see the letters. To see a photo from the USA of David and his sister, Margaret Isabel Keenan, click HERE.][Note by Peter Keenan: Margaret Golder of Florida, USA, says David married Joan D Malcolm and they had three children, James, Edith and David. David died in 1936 and Joan died in 1971 - see the letters pages mentioned above.]


8.    Robert Keenan went to Scotland.  Also served in the Army during the First World War.  "He inherited the farm (in Glenone) and sold it.  It is now owned by Mr and Mrs Andrews, who are distantly related to the Keenan's through the Gambles." - Sheila Johnson.  [Note by Peter Keenan: According to Annie Keenan (see Note 5) Robert died in Scotland.]


9.    James Keenan married Elizabeth Taylor. Went to Scotland.  "Grandfather of Marina Hehyn and Helen Jeffrey" - Sheila Johnson.  [Note by Peter Keenan: According to Annie Keenan (see Note 5) James died in Scotland.] [Note by Peter Keenan: James is great-grandfather of Karen Topping (nee Keenan)of Greenock, Scotland].


10.    Margaret Isabel Keenan went to America - Warwick, Rhode Island.  "Had a daughter Eva and I think a son Robert" - Sheila Johnson.  [Note by Peter Keenan: Annie Keenan (see Note 5) calls her Margaret Bell (Bell is probably short for Isabel)and says she died in America.][Note by Peter Keenan: To see a photo from the USA of Margaret with her brother David, click HERE.}[Note by Peter Keenan: Margaret Isabel Keenan married Robert A Malcolm.]

For some photographs of this family, click HERE.