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KEENAN FAMILY in Australia


Australia and Northern Ireland

Last updated 12/4/2010


The following are links to videos on the You Tube website

  •   "The Wedding of Sarah and Tim Keenan". High quality version.     Medium quality version (smaller file, easier streaming). In 2009 Sarah Keenan of Shepparton, Victoria, Australia, married Tim Burl.  This 8 minute video shows snippets of the wedding ceremony, the photo session and the reception.  Video taken during the photo session includes the names of those involved.  Sarah Keenan is the daughter of Geoffrey Keenan and Rosemary O'Brien of Shepparton.  Sarah and her brothers and sisters, all of whom are shown in the video, are great great grandchildren of Henry and Nancy (Anne) Keenan who emigrated from Portglenone, Northern Ireland, in 1863.  (Tim Burl changed his name to Tim Keenan.)
  •  "Bits of Belfast in 2002"This is a 4 minute video produced by Peter Keenan with pictures and sounds of some of the places he visited in 2002.  It also contains commentary by N.I. cousins Richard and Sheila Johnson, who took Peter and Margaret to see some Keenan-related historic sites in Northern Ireland.  Other videos are currently being produced to show parts of  the Antrim Coast, Portglenone and a meeting with Aunty May Keenan.

  •   "Our Sunshine".

    My music video (song and lyrics) of Ned Kelly ballad "Our Sunshine", written and performed by Paul Kelly.  A great bluegrass sound with "folk hero" sentiments in the lyrics. Illustrated with images of Sidney Nolan paintings.