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KEENAN FAMILY in Australia


Singer, television performer and actor

Last updated 21/7/2021

Barry Crocker, is the son of  Jean Crocker, who is a daughter of Mary Keenan, one of Henry and Nancy Keenan's 11 children.  Barry (b.1935) is a legendary Australian singer, television performer and actor, and appears to be the only showbiz celebrity in the family.


Mary Keenan married John (Jock) Houston.  Below is a copy of what Barry Crocker has written about Mary Keenan and Jock Houston.  Sadly, Mary, who was married at 16, "spent the rest of her married life in abject mysery - Jock was a dreamer and a drinker".


Parts of Barry's book are published on Google Books,  http://books.google.com.au.


Photograph of Mary Keenan, with her husband John Houston and children Joe, Jessie, Don, Jean and Bob.
The photograph below is a cropped version of one supplied to Brian Keenan by Anita Arnold, who wrote: "Jessie is standing at rear. Joe is next to John Houston. Don is beside Mary Houston (nee Keenan). Jean is the little fair one.  (She is Barry Crocker's mother.)  Robert/ Bob is in front of Jean. Maggie was away when this photo was taken."


Barry has his own website, which you can visit by clicking HERE.


IN 2006 Barry was interviewed at length on ABC television.  The transcript of the interview can be found by clickingHERE.


Barry's excellent comic  rendition of  "Stairway to Heaven" (with the Doug Anthony Allstars) can be viewed

 at thisYou Tube location.


The photographs below are a sample of the dozens on Barry's  site.


Barry Crocker with Smokey Dawson (2006)


Barry Crocker with Joan Rivers (2006)

Barry as Barry MacKenzie