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KEENAN FAMILY in Australia

Donald George Naughton Keenan (1924 - 2001)

Last updated 13/8/2020


Australian Generation:  Third

Born:  22 March 1924                      Parents:   George Aaron Robert Keenan and Honora (Nora) Mary Naughton
Married: 31 August 1946 - Aileen Joan Connors
Occupation:  Farmer
Residence: Queanbeyan, NSW.   "For a time, Don and Aileen lived on the Batlow property with George Keenan and the other Keenan brothers.  George's property was called 'Snubba' and has, since Nora's death, been sold."
Deceased:  21 September 2001, Queanbeyan Hospital.
Buried:  Lanyon Drive Lawn Cemetery, Queanbeyan


Margaret Joan Keenan (b.1947)

Kathryn Nora Keenan (b. 1949)

James George Robert Keenan (b. 1954)

Brian Edward Keenan (b. 1958)

(Main sources of information: Brian Keenan and Phillip Boyle)