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KEENAN FAMILY in Australia


 the BRIAN KEENAN collection

Created 22/6/2008  Last updated 7 November 2012


This collection of 58 photographs and the details concerning them shown in the table were received from Brian Keenan of Queanbeyan, NSW, in 2008.
  Brian is the great grandson of Aaron Keenan (first generation),  grandson of George Aaron Robert Keenan  and son of Donald George Keenan.

Note: Where Brian has referred to "Granny Hobson" I have changed it to her correct name, "Granny Hopson". (She was born Nancy Jane Gamble, who married Henry John Keenan, and after his death married Robert Hopson in 1892. She died in 1926.)

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Names of Persons in Photograph/Name of Photograph Where taken When taken Description of Photograph Am I sure?
01 Aaron and Eliza Keenan.JPG        
02 Aaron Keenan.JPG        
03 Aaron Keenan Portrait.JPG        
04 Bob Obrien Saw Mill.JPG        
05 Donald Keenan aged 7 in nuddy.JPG        
06 Donald Keenan aged 7.JPG        
07 Donald Keenan at 3 years on Horse.JPG        
09 Donald Keenan at Batlow.JPG        
10 Donald Keenan at wedding.JPG        
11 Donald Keenan on cow.JPG        
12 Donald Keenan on Horse he rode to school.JPG        
13 Donald Keenan school photo 1935.JPG        
14 Donald Keenan with cat about 7 years.JPG        
15 Donald Keenan with Cuckatoo.JPG        
17a Eric and Sidney Catherall Tragedy.jpg        
17b Eric and Sidney Catherall Tragedy - GAR Hand written note.jpg        
18 Foster 4 generations.JPG        
19 Foster - 5 Generations.JPG        
20 Foster - 5 Generations_1.JPG        
21 Foster - 5 Generations_2.JPG        
22 Foster - 5 Generations_3.JPG        
23 Garry Keenan and family with George and Nora at Tumut show.JPG        
24 George and Donald Keenan at age 3.JPG        
25 George and Donald Keenan at Naughton home.JPG        
26 George and Ivy Keenan.JPG        
27 George and Nora Keenan in Sydney.JPG        
28 George and Nora Keenan on their wedding day.JPG        
29 George Donald and Myrtle Keenan.JPG        
31 George Keenan - Golf Trophy.JPG        
32 George Keenan - Pioneers Night 1979 Tumut and Adelong Times.jpg        
34 George Keenan Batlow aged 80.JPG        
35 George Keenan in back yard with walking frame.JPG        
36 George and Nora Keenan in 1979.JPG        
37 George Keenan and first grand child.JPG        
38 George Keenan in bed.jpg        
39 George Keenan in front yard of Batlow House.JPG        
40 George Keenan Nora Keenan and John Boyle in Sydney.JPG        
41 George Keenan Senior Citizen of the Year Nomination.JPG        
42 George Keenan with golf clubs.JPG        
43a Granny Hopson.JPG        
43b Granny Hopson - Notes by George Keenan 1969.JPG        
44 Harry Foster.JPG        
47 Ivy and John Morris.JPG        
48 John and Ivy Morris .JPG        
49 John Houston wife Mary (nee Keenan) and some family.JPG        
50 Kathryn Keenan at 6 weeks.JPG        
51 Margaret Keenan holding baby Kathryn.JPG        
52 Keenan Home in Leeton.JPG        
55 Nora Keenan in early 80s.JPG        
57 Opening of Batlow Bowling Club.JPG        
58 Snowy Opening Ceremony Invite.JPG        
59 Granny Hopson - 4 generations Aaron Keenan Ivy Morris Hazel Morris.jpg        
61 Louise and Kristen Webb.JPG        
71 Wilf Keenan and George Keenan.jpg        
80 Donald Keenan at about 72 years of age.jpg        
90 Brian and Aileen Keenan at Connors Reunion Tumut March 2008.JPG        
91 Jacqueline (9yrs) and Dean Keenan (14yrs) Feb 2008 Canberra        
92 Brian and Cindy Keenan as Connors Reunion.jpg