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KEENAN FAMILY in Australia

Kevin Frederick "Fred" Keenan (1904 - 1978)

Last updated 11/8/2016

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Australian Generation:  Second
Born: 12 April 1904  at Batlow, New South Wales, Australia. 
Parents:  James Keenan and Florence Lillico Skien. Note: Fred Keenan's biological father was Frederick Russell. Fred Keenan was baptised after the marriage of James and Florence in April 1906.
Married: Anne Beatrice Brady (b.1869)  at the Union Church in Batlow in January 1927. A newspaper report of the wedding was published in The Tumut and Adelong Times on 25 January 1927.
Occupation:  Orchard worker and fruit packing manager
Main Residence: Batlow and Young,  New South Wales
Deceased: 26 July 1978.   Cause of death: ..................................


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