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KEENAN FAMILY  in Australia

Stuart James Keenan (1898 - 1979)

Last updated 13/8/2020

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Australian Generation:   Second
Born:  1898                                                  See Photographs
Parents:  Aaron Keenan and Elizabeth Jane Morton
Married:  Eunice (Vida Eunice May Keenan).  Eunice died 15 December 1979.
Residence: Batlow, NSW
Deceased:   7 June 1979
Buried:  Batlow (Pres.)
Note:  The NSW Register of Births, Deaths and Marriages records this person's first birth name as Stewart (registration 26161/1898).  However his death record shows his first name as Stuart (registration 15408/1979).


  • Neville Stuart Keenan (b. 30/6/1922)

  • Bede Neil Keenan (d. 19/4/1996) - married Mavis Edith Price in 1946


Poster/label for apples from Stuart's orchard. (Source: Linda Harmer - Facebook, March 2018.)  Pictured are Neville Stuart Keenan - son of Stuart James Keenan, and his wife, Patricia Joyce,  with Chris Keenan, one of their sons.