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KEENAN FAMILY in Australia

This page is a work in progress.  Additional information would be gratefully received.

Second Generation Australians

Last updated 31 July 2023


Children of James Keenan and Florence Keenan (nee Skein):

Kevin Frederick Keenan (b. 1904 ) (d. 1978)
Grace Keenan (b. 11-11-1906) (d.1911) (Reg No. 32338)
Hector James Keenan (b. 1908) (d.1975)
Wilfred Walter Keenan (b.1910) (d.1998)   PHOTO
Edna Amy Grace Schlegel (nee Keenan) (b.1911) (d. 1993)
Muriel Mary Langford (nee Keenan) (b.1915 ) (d.1996)
Children of Aaron Keenan and Elizabeth Keenan (nee Morton):
Ivy E A Morris (nee Keenan) (b.1892)
George Aaron Robert Keenan (b. 1894 d.1981)
Henry John (Gary) Keenan (b. 1896) (d.1960)
Stuart James Keenan (b.1899)  (d.1979)
Roy Francis Gamble Keenan (b.1900)  (d.1977)
Alan Ray Keenan (b. 1904) (baptised 1908) (d. 1965)
Hilda Hazel Mary Webb (nee Keenan) (b. 1907) (baptised 1908) (married, Tumut, 1925 - Mervyn James Webb)
Neil Sidney Keenan (b. 1912)

Children of John Keenan and Emma Keenan (nee Morton):

John Robert Keenan (1898 - 1970)
Clarence Donald Keenan (b. 1900)
William Stanley Keenan (1904 - 1984)
James Stewart (or Stuart) Keenan(b.1907) (d. 1979)  **
Dorothy Mary Lovering (nee Keenan) (1910 - 2008)     PHOTO
Beryl Jane/Jean Presland (nee Keenan) (1914 - 1961)
Jock Henry Keenan (b. 1916) (d.1985?)  **
** See Woronora Cemetery burial records for Keenans
Children of Mary Keenan and John (Jock) Houston:
Robert Houston
Margaret Laidler (nee Houston)
Jean Crocker (nee Houston)
Jessie Page (nee Houston)
Joseph Houston
Don Houston

Children of Grace Keenan and John Henry (Jack) Catherall:

Eric Harold Catherall  (b. circa 1898) (d.1909)      (See newspaper articles on shooting tragedy)
Sydney Stuart Catherall (b.1901) (d. 1909)            (See newspaper articles on shooting tragedy)